17 March 2018

I Am Not He

I thought it would be obvious, with no need of clarification, but to clear up some confusion know that the Mark Reeve who does this here MR Website is not the German DJ-Producer-Remixer Mark Reeve, and has no connection to him, apart from the same name.

28 January 2018


I have revised and expanded not only the Actuality PDF but also the accompanying Actuality Sonic Supplement MP3, to provide a more full and satisfying experience. Thus all previous versions of either work are no longer relevant and should be deleted immediately and replaced by the new versions listed below.

Documents the 'illusory' stream of consciousness channelled opinion pieces expressed in varying forms by Mark Reeve. Plus information on a new psychic questing group and an url to the accompanying 52½-minute Actuality Sonic Supplement MP3.
Version 004 2018 | A4 40pp | 4.2mb PDF/MP3

Actuality Sonic Supplement features Mark Reeve reading his esoteric poems, radio-transmission-based montages by Rocky Roller & The Rocks, The Distortionists and ex-OKOK Research Bureau members, plus a sociological noise and voice statement provided by The Thrybergh Rastas. Here it is reviewed by Pigge Bwoy:
"The only goal is chaos."

It's made by a follower of the cult of Satan... It's the destruction of churches... It's random murder by hand grenade... It's a mountain of corpses... It's the work of a slave. It's a pervert's dream, an avant-garde nightmare, an act of revenge... It's a Throbbing Gristle rehearsal recorded from the plague pits of Hackney... It's a dying dog... a cannibal shindig. It's terribly dirty with the eyes of a corpse... It's a radio broadcast from the abyss of cultural nihilism, crafted in the mud huts and earthen caves of the Soviet Union. It's a river winding endlessly through nothingness... It's the end of the lights of Paris and London sinking under the waters... It's Berlin in ruins.

It's a hit.

22 January 2018

Mark Reeve - Rex Erects

The Spook Press Poetry Series Volume 5, Rex Erects by Mark Reeve, is now available as a free PDF. More information and the download link for this unusual publication are here.

15 January 2018

Update 7

I have revised and expanded my contribution to the Spook Press Poetry Series (SPPS) in the form of Volume 1, Barking Cog, that can be downloaded from here. I have also placed the two one-page semi-automatic televisual experiment and erotic collage comic strips I made available as a PDF here (they were previously published in Reevism Volume 1 and will be deleted from the forthcoming new revised and expanded edition).

8 January 2018

Xes Says Yes

Mark Reeve's bizarre erotic and other-themed automatic trance art from the vastly deep, which came out of the artist "like a werewolf." A revised & expanded version of the ORB Editions Outside Broadcast 2 (Nobody's Business, 2009).
Second edition 2018 | A4 24pp | 1.2mb PDF