7 November 2017

Chopped Top - Volume II

Journal of The Esoteric Poets (TEP), this time featuring more of an overall textual exegesis - nonetheless with some image-work - that is denser concentrated, mirrored by a concentration of page-dimensions to half that of the previous volume.
Version 1.03 2018 | A5 78pp | 830kb PDF

15 October 2017

Name & Shame DVD Zine

My contributor's copy of Name & Shame arrived today, a no-audience onslaught DVD zine full of interesting underground films, stills, audio and whatnot in formats PDF, jpeg, MP3, AVI and so. Now available from England. Details above.

9 October 2017

Chopped Top - Volume I

Journal of The Esoteric Poets (TEP), showcasing a smorgasbord of the experimentalist esoteric, metaphysical and occult textual/visual poetics obsessionally created by the mysterious and sometimes disturbing members of this relatively new "ghost-modernist" association.
Version 1.05 2017 | A4 54pp | 2.3mb PDF

25 September 2017

Update 7

I have improved the layout of The Violet Lens Issue 1, so it now delivers occult-conspiracy in text and image more clearly. This newly reworked version is here.

2 September 2017

Mark Reeve - Collages 2008-2009

Trance and dream influenced creations by Mark Reeve that consist of original analogue film photographs mostly of North Wales.