8 June 2017


I have just helped the 23rdian to slightly revise and expand his The 23 Mystery booklet, that documents the many curious appearances of this number. This will probably be the final edition as attention is focussed elsewhere. It can be downloaded from here.

I have also transformed the Cross Of Light Temple's The Sheffield Keys article into an HTML webpage, as this was the original format, and the later PDF version had annoying breaks in the text. You can download the ZIP file of this work on the psychic questing opportunities in that city and beyond from here.

ORB Field Agent Reports

Fully revised and expanded versions of the OKOK Research Bureau (ORB) field agent reports. Subjects include feature film codes and programming; the occult British Royal Messiah; the Third Testament; Numbersuns; the Moon landing hoax and more.
Version 1.1 2017 | A4 | PDF | FORTHCOMING