31 July 2017

Update 5

The ORB Field Agent Reports occult-conspiracy compilation has now been revised and expanded. For more information and the free download link to this new Version 1.4 publication go here.

The Sheffield Keys psychic questing article by the Cross Of Light Temple with Mark Reeve has also been revised and expanded. This Version 3.0 has been formatted as a webpage and is ready as a zip file. More information and the free download link are here.

25 July 2017

Update 4

I haven't been busy in a publishing sense for a while, because of the heat. British people are not suited to hot weather work, so I have been reading and consuming instead. Did enjoy the three-part interview Deep Listening to Pauline Oliveros by McLuhan's Novel (Bob Dobbs-Neveritt) and this electronic music pioneer, that was quite a rare treat, and about more than sound. Mr Dobbs-Neveritt seems like a great guy, very cultured but his own, with Otherwhere contact, and has one of those labyrinthine websites.

8 July 2017

ORB Field Agent Reports

Fully revised and expanded versions of the OKOK Research Bureau (ORB) field agent reports. Subjects include Kubrick/Polanski film decoding; ritual murder; gangstalking; the Third Testament; numbersuns; the Moon-landing hoax and more.
Version 1.6 2017 | A4 114pp | 3.8mb PDF