28 August 2017

Update 6

It has been very tranquil in North Wales over the Bank Holiday weekend. I think the total eclipse of the Sun earlier this month has shifted something. What is this "something in the air"? Also been tripping out to the Japanese woodblock printmaking of David Bull. It's always a boost to watch genuine craftspeople at work, especially when the videos are unintentionally ASMR-like, as Mr Bull's are. On the personal creative front, I am now involved with The Esoteric Poets (TEP), and helping to make the first issue of the TEP journal, Chopped Top, that should be available on this site sometime this year. Experimental poesy is where it's at!

10 August 2017

Reevism - Vol 2

Revised and expanded versions of Mark Reeve's occult-conspiracy articles that were first published in Y (UNITE) magazine (Cult S.I.R.I.U.S, 2007). Includes: Assistive Art Praxis; James Shelby Downard tribute; Old Norfolk Satanism; the Black Sun; Occult Football; the ATIS Family.
First edition 2017 | A4 130pp | PDF | Forthcoming

4 August 2017

A Heavy Weight - New Edition

Patrick Wood's revised and expanded collection, that contains the 'existentialist' poem, 'A Heavy Weight', a new prose escape work, 'TIDE', the questioning 'Beyond Breconex', plus an Introduction by Jay Wilding.
Third edition 2017 | A4 28pp | 1mb PDF