OKOK RESEARCH BUREAU - THE SINISTER PEARL (2011): Originally released on the Tesserae 1.0 CD supplement accompanying Abraxas Issue 2 (Fulgur 2011).

OKOK RESEARCH BUREAU - DREAMACHINE MUSIC (2013): This is the video version. The original audio-only version, plus full Dreamachine construction plans, are available here.

Thanks to LVX/NOX for uploading the above two items.

OKOK SOCIETY TAPE TWO (2005?): This deft remix of OKOK Society Video 2 was produced in New Zealand by Emit Snake-Beings.

OKOK SOCIETY VIDEO WORKS (FIEND EDIT) 1-5 (2014): Fiend Recordings re-edits of the late-1990s-early-2000s originals.

MARK REEVE - INFAMOUS SKY ROCKET (FIEND CD 014) (2001?): Originally an early full-length noise montage CD on the Fiend Recordings label.

OKOK SOCIETY THIRD SIDE LP (FIEND LP 003) (2001?): Full digital versions of the flagship OKOKian statement that took the form of a transparent lathe-cut 12" vinyl record released circa 2005 in a limited edition of about 25. These digital versions were sourced from the original mastertapes: Audio | Video.

OKOK SOCIETY - THE NIGHT TRAMMELS (1998?): An early full-length noise montage work released by Fiend Recordings: Audio | Video.

OKOK SOCIETY - AUTOMATOME (1999?): An early full-length noise montage work released by Fiend Recordings: Audio | Video.

PAUL HARRISON REMIXES THE OKOK SOCIETY (FIEND CD 070) (2000?): Noise montage, originally released as a 4×CD box set by Fiend Recordings.

EXPOSE YOUR EYES REMIXES THE OKOK SOCIETY (FIEND CD 017) (2015): Noise montage, originally released as a double CD-R by Fiend Recordings.

EXPOSE YOUR EYES - UNFILTERED (2003?): A noise montage featuring reworkings of OKOK Society source tapes: Side A | Side B.

BOUHALI (2003?): Mark Reeve was involved in this collaborative noise montage work. Originally released as a CD-R on Quick Latin Handful. Now a free download from Fiend Recordings.

Thanks to Fiend Recordings for the original and online releases of the above eight items.

EXPOSE YOUR EYES - THE CLOCK DON'T WALK: Early noise cassette featuring remixed OKOK Society source tapes. Originally released in the USA on Union Pole Tapes (UP42) on 1 January 1995.

RITUAL (2015): A short film originally commissioned by Mauricio Vincenzi & Mark French for the SLIFF Super-8 Quest Rites & Rituals. Original live soundtrack by Non Blank. Post production sound by the New Age Manhood Magazine band From Nowhere (not "OKOK Society" as stated in the credits). Audio/Visual remix Jason Williams. This work also features The OKOK Manual.


  1. Sound is not only experienced negatively or positively according to group identity, it is also used by different groups as a weapon against each other. Powerful groups use sound to maintain domination by shaping the soundscapes of the groups they marginalise and oppress; here, sound becomes a way of flaunting the identities of dominant groups and diminishing their opponents - it not only produces anxiety and the feeling of being deliberately targeted on the part of those who are subject to it but also results in further disempowerment through collective subordination.

    In the ruins of society in which we abide, powerful sound groups are legion: commercial radio, heritage industry merchants, promoters of faux folk music, fake hop hip growlers and well kool jazz men, mon. But sound perception is altered by social meanings, and social meaning is fashioned despite the inexorable forces that are ranged against it. So hail OKOK, MR and pals! Hail or fuck 'em! Hail the Sonic Resistance!

    1. Yeah, the powers-that-be want a monopoly on sound, like everything else. But they're spreading themselves too thin. Hail the subberculture!